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Electrical Engineering Research Areas

* Adaptive Systems and Sensor Arrays * Communication Networks and Protocols * Communication Theory * Fiber Optic Communications * Information Theory and Coding * Multiple Access Techniques * Pseudonoise Generators and Signal Design * Rate Distortion Theory and Compression * Satellite Communications * Spread Spectrum Technology * Ultrawideband Radio * Wavelength Division Multiplexing * Wireless and Mobile Communications
Computer Engineering
* Computer Aided Design * Computer Architecture * Computer and Communication Network * Distributed Systems * VLSI Design
Control Systems
* Adaptive control: learning systems, system identification * Aerospace: missile, spacecraft guidance and control * Computation: general purpose design optimization algorithms * Dynamic Games: robust worst-case design, search and rescue * Intelligence: software for autonomous exploration & discovery * Networks: data-network congestion control, internet defense * Robots: vision-based control, intelligence * Robust control: feedback stabilization for uncertain, varying systems * Transportation: vehicle and highway automation, traffic management * Theory: mathematics of feedback, control and intelligence
Electromagnetics and Energy Conversion
* Advanced Accelerator and Radiation Sources * Antennas * Electric Power Systems * Electromagnetics * Microwaves * Plasma Electronics * Pollution Abatement with Pulsed Plasmas * Pulsed Power
Integrated Circuits and Systems
* Adaptive Filters and Amplifiers * Coupling and Interconnect Parasitics * High Performance Active and Passive Monolithic Filters * Hybrid Analog / Digital Circuits * Low Distortion Power Amplifiers * Multimedia Microchips and Systems * Neural Probe Arrays * Neural Network Architecture and Algorithms * Smart Camera Circuitry * Two Dimensional Vision Chips * VLSI Signal Processing and Computing
Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems & Nanotechnology
* BioMEMS * Deformable Mirror Array * Film Bulk Acoustic-Wave Resonators * Microfluidic Drivers and Components * Microphones * Microspeakers * Nozzleless and Heatless Liquid Ejector Arrays * Piezoelectric / Electrostatic / Electromagnetic / Thermal Microactuators and Microsensors * RF and Optical MEMS * Self-Focusing Acoustic Beam Transducers
* Design of Scalable Protocols * Fault Tolerant Networks * Inter Planetary Internet * Modeling and Simulation * Optical Networks * Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Networks * Power Aware and Energy Efficient Protocols * Quality of Service Issues in Networks * Routing and Multicasting in the Internet * Wireless and Sensor Networks
Parallel and Distributed Computing
* Many-core architectures * Memory systems * Interconnection networks * Energy efficient computing * Cloud computing and scalability * Reconfigurable computing with FPGAs * Parallel software for multi-core architectures * Big data analysis * Large-scale distributed systems
Photonics and Quantum Electronics
* Adaptive Optoelectronic Eyes * Analog Photodetectors * Fiber Optics * Geometrical Optics *  Photonic Device Processing * High Bandwidth Optical Modulators * Integrated Optoelectronic Devices and Systems * Microlens Arrays * Multi-Dimensional Laser Arrays * Nonlinear Optics * Optoelectronic VLSI Systems * Phase Conjugating Devices * Photonic Devices * Photorefractive Devices * Physical Optics * Sensors * Spatial Light Modulators * Smart Cameras * Thin Film Coatings * Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) * Volume Holographic Optical Elements
Plasma Research
* Application of Pulsed Electric Fields to Biological Cells * High-Energy Density Plasma Science (Matter Under Extreme Conditions) * High-Performance Computer Simulation of Plasmas * Novel Microwave and THz Sources * Plasma-Based Particle Accelerators and Lenses (Laser Wakefield Accelerators) * Plasma Processing of Pollution (Pulsed PlasmaMufflers and Water Purifiers)
* Quantum computers * Quantum Information Theory * Quantum Algorithms * Open Quantum Systems * Decoherence Control * Quantum Error Correction and Avoidance * Quantum Measurement * Quantum Trajectories *  Entanglement
* 3D Video Generation and Coding * Behavior Information Analysis and Processing * Biometrics * Content Forensics and Security * Cyberspace Security * Embedded Multimedia Systems * Image and Video Compression * Image/Video Database Management * Image Reconstruction and Analysis * Immersive Audio * Intelligent Signal Processing * Machine Learning for Multimedia Data * Medical Imaging * Multimodal Multimedia Signal Processing * Neural and Fuzzy Systems * Real-Time Audio Signal Processing * Speech and Language Processing * Social Media and Networking * Statistical Signal Processing * Video Surveillance * Video Transmission over IP Networks * Wavelets


Electrical Engineering Research Centers & Institutes

CAMS Center for Applied Mathematics
CAST USC-Infosys Center for Advanced Software Technologies
CEI Center for Energy Informatics
CiSoft Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies
CNE Center for Neural Engineering
CPT Photonics Center at USC
CQIST Center for Quantum Information Science and Technology
CSI Communication Sciences Institute
IMSC Integrated Media Systems Center
SC-CATT Southern California Center
for Advanced Transportation Technologies
SIPI Signal and Image Processing Institute
SERC Space Engineering Research
IRIS Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
ISI Information Sciences Institute
ICT Institute for Creative Technologies
AMI Alfred E. Mann Institute