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  • 04/29 - 02:00 PM-03:30 PM

    IIIT Hyderabad: Overview and Faculty Positions Dr. P. J. Narayanan, Director of the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) will give a presentation about the...

    RTH 306
  • 05/05 - 02:00 PM-04:00 PM

    EE Pioneer Series - Jerry M. Mendel Speaker: Jerry Mendel, Professor of Electrical Engineering Talk Title: Ode to Joy of Research Series: Pioneer Series Abstract: To me Research is...

    EEB 132

Ming Hsieh Department Calendar


  • USCMingHsiehEE

    "Large Graph Mining: Patterns, Cascades, Fraud Detection, and Algorithms" Dr. Christos Faloutsos, Carnegie... http://t.co/T12sQ4BzCd

    04/23 via Twitter
  • USCMingHsiehEE

    "Networked Systems: Influence Geometry, Compositional Algebra, and Distributed Learning with Applications in... http://t.co/U21fnZtCax

    04/23 via Twitter
  • USCMingHsiehEE

    Integrated Systems Seminar "Near-Field Wireless Technology" Dr. Hans G. Schantz, Q-Track Corporation EEB 132... http://t.co/zFnl0Ju8MZ

    04/17 via Twitter
  • USCMingHsiehEE

    "Trade-Off Between Source Coding and Randomness Extraction" RĂ©mi A. Chou Georgia Institute of Technology... http://t.co/ZLEKOyqp9C

    04/16 via Twitter
  • USCMingHsiehEE

    "Learning From the Actions of an Informed Adversary in Discounted Repeated Games with Incomplete Information"... http://t.co/lfeScpMHB8

    04/15 via Twitter
  • USCMingHsiehEE

    LA Times Festival of Books is this weekend! April 18 & 19. #bookfest http://t.co/7UHHMK11Bg

    04/14 via Twitter