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Vehicular Network: From Internet of Things to Urban Planning

With the advent of the new technological era, smart phones, web2, data sharing and video streaming are playing a major role in every ones daily life, the demand for data is increasing with an accelerating pace. This in turn requires more capable and complex technologies to support this uprising demand. LTE Advanced and Wi-Max Advanced are examples of these most recent commercial technological boosts that are categorized under true 4G. However, by the constant pace of data demand increase, lots of attention and literature focus have been turned into what need to be considered next. In order to further enhance the backbone capacity of data delivery, different schemes are suggested. Among all different approaches, vehicular networks are of great interest. They can provide a viable high capacity and low cost alternative for data delivery. They get more interesting when we bring in their ability to provide a sensing-net as well. This talk explores the ability of vehicular networks in these contexts and also focus on the ways that we can change the current traffic patterns into ones that could serve us better both on the application side as well as urban traffic standards.

Keyvan Rezaei Moghadam is a current PhD student in the Electrical Engineering Department of USC. He is currently working under supervision Prof. Bhaskar Krishnamachari. Keyvan, took his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from McMaster University in Canada in 2011 and his bachelor degree in telecommunication in 2009 from Iran University of Science and Technology. His main research focus is Intermittent Connected Mobile Networks with applications in data delivery and mobile sensing. Keyvan has recently extended his focus into urban planning problems as well.

Prof. Ashutosh Nayyar

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