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Ming Hsieh Institute Communications, Networks and Systems (CommNetS) Seminars

The seminar is open to anyone interested in communications, networks, systems and control. The regular seminar time is Mondays, 2:00-3:00PM in EEB132.

Google Map for exact location

(In the 2nd floor of the Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Building (EEB) on the main USC campus.) If you would like to give a talk at the seminar please contact Ashutosh Nayyar, Rahul Jain, Mihailo Jovanovic or Insoon Yang. — Ashutosh Nayyar 2018/01/31 18:52

This Seminar is sponsored by the Ming Hsieh Institute.

The seminar is also offered as a research seminar course EE 598.

Course rules

Enrolled students are expected to participate in class by attending seminars on a regular basis and submit written reports on two seminars of their choice. The reports should not be a direct reproduction from the slides or the papers.

Enrollment is open to all EE PhD students, and MS students by instructor consent. There is a EE464 or EE465 prerequisite, or instructor consent. Registration can require D-clearance. So, please go to EEB-100 to complete formalities.

Seminars for Spring 2018

Date Title Speaker Host
Mon Jan. 8, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Multiplicative noise as a structured stochastic uncertainty problem Bassam Bamieh (UCSB) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Jan. 22, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Traffic Congestion Control--A PDE Backstepping Perspective Miroslav Krstic (UCSD) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Jan. 29, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Future Power System Control Functions--An Industry Perspective Ulrich Muenz (Siemens) Mihailo Jovanovic
Fri Feb. 2, 11:00am. EEB 132 A Wait-and- See Two-Threshold Optimal Sleeping Policy for a Single Server Queue With Bursty Traffic Zhisheng Niu (Tsinghua Univ) Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Mon Feb. 5, 2:00pm. EEB 132 AFOSR-Unsteady Aerodynamics and Turbulent Flows--An introduction Douglas Smith (AFOSR) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Feb. 12, 11:00am. EEB 132 Safety-Critical Autonomous Systems-What is Possible Richard Murray (Caltech) Mihailo Jovanovic
Wed Feb. 21, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Reinforcement Learning--Hidden Theory, and New Super-Fast Algorithms Sean Meyn (Univ. of Florida) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Feb. 26, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA Magnus Egerstedt (Georgia Tech) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Mar. 5, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA Pramod Khargonekar (UC Irvine)
Mon Mar. 19, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA Ali Jadbabaie (MIT)
Mon Mar. 26, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA B. Ross Barmish ( U of Wisconsin, Madison)
Mon Apr. 2, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA TBA
Mon Apr. 9, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA Anders Rantzer (Lund University)
Mon Apr. 16, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA TBA
Mon Apr. 23, 2:00am. EEB 132 TBA TBA

Seminars for Fall 2017

Date Title Speaker Host
Mon Aug. 21, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Model-Based and Data-Based Flow Analysis Using Optimization Peter Schmid Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Aug. 28, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Rate Coding, Spike Coding, and Biological Control Terence Sanger (USC) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Sep. 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Robust Scheduling for Flexible Stochastic Networks Ramtin Pedarsani (UCSB) Insoon Yang
Mon Sep. 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Systems and Control Research at United Technologies Research Center Andrej Banaszuk and Andrew Sparks (UTRC) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Sep. 25, 11:00am. EEB 248 Fast Distributed Algorithms for Optimization and Resource Sharing in Networks Angelia Nedich (ASU) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Oct. 2, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Unified Control of Dynamic Robotic Systems Aaron Ames (Caltech) Mihailo Jovanovic
Wed Oct. 4, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Epidemic Processes Over Topologically Varying Networks Carolyn Beck (UIUC) Ketan Savla
Mon Oct. 9, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Optimal Mass Transport and the Robustness of Complex Networks Allen Tannenbaum (Stony Brook) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Oct. 16, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Dissipativity Theory for Optimization and Machine Learning Research Bin Hu (Wisconsin) Mihailo Jovanovic
Mon Oct. 23, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Synchronization Patterns in Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators, A Network-Theoretic Approach for Analysis and Control Fabio Pasqualetti (UC Riverside) Ashutosh Nayyar
Mon Oct. 30, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Making Robust Decisions from Data Anil Aswani (Berkeley) Insoon Yang
Mon Nov. 6, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Dynamics, Controls, and Robotics Programs at NSF--a Biased Perspective Dr. Jordan Berg (NSF) Mihailo Jovanovic
Tue Nov. 7, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Network Systems and Kuramoto Oscillators Francesco Bullo (UCSB) Ketan Salva
Mon Nov. 13, 2:00pm. EEB 132 TBA Dr. Frederick Leve (AFOSR) Mihailo Jovanovic
Wed Nov. 15, 2:00pm. EEB 132 From Local Network Structure to Global Graph Spectrum Victor Preciado (U. Penn) Paul Bogdan
Mon Nov. 20, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Towards a Market-mediated Software Defined Communications Ecosystem at the Wireless Edge Srinivas Shakkottai (Texas A&M) Rahul Jain
Mon Nov. 27, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Decentralized Online Optimization with Global Objectives and Local Communication Maxim Raginsky (Illinois) Ashutosh Nayyar

Seminars for Spring 2017

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Jan. 18, 2:00pm. EEB 132 Sparsity and decomposition in semidefinite optimization Lieven Vandenberghe (UCLA) Rahul Jain
Wed Jan. 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Synthesis of user-interfaces and reachability-based controllers for human-in-the-loop systems Meeko Oishi (U New Mexico) Insoon Yang
Wed Feb. 1, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A system level approach to controller synthesis Nikolai Matni (Caltech) Insoon Yang
Wed Feb. 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Density flows and applications Tryphon Georgiou (UC Irvine) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Feb. 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Delays in biological networks and feedback design Marcella Gomez (UC Berkeley) Paul Bogdan
Wed Feb. 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Infinite Dimensional Optimization for Safety Critical Human-in-the-Loop Systems Ram Vasudevan (U Michigan) Insoon Yang
Wed Mar. 1, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Sequential decision algorithms for as-you-go deployment of wireless relay network along a line Arpan Chattopadhyay Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Mar. 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBA Nina Mahmoudian (Michigan Technological University) Paul Bogdan
Wed Mar. 22, 10:00am. EEB 248 Supplementing Centralized Infrastructure with Opportunistic Communication Corey Baker (UCSD) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Mar. 29, 10:00am. EEB 248 Application of Polynomial Optimization to Electricity Transmission Networks Cedric Josz (LAAS) Rahul Jain
Wed Mar. 29, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Estimation & Control of Electrochemical Models Scott Moura (UC Berkeley) Insoon Yang
Wed Apr. 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamic Market Mechanisms for Wind Energy Hamidreza Tavafoghi Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Apr. 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Handling runtime state uncertainty, human-in-the-loop shared control and sampled data feedback Ian Mitchell (UBC) Insoon Yang
Fri Apr. 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 From Breach Prediction to Incentive Design Mingyan Liu (UMich) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Apr. 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Information-theoretic tradeoffs in control Victoria Kostina Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Apr. 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBA Adam Wierman (Caltech) Insoon Yang

Seminars for Fall 2016

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Aug. 31, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Blind Demixing and Deconvolution at Near-Optimal Rate Felix Krahmer (TU Munich) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Wed Sep 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal remote estimation over the collision channel Marcos Muller Vasconcelos (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 New Problems in Modern Logistical Systems John Carlsson (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 21, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Learning, Incentives and Optimization for Human-Energy System Interaction Insoon Yang (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Allerton Conference No seminar
Fri Oct 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 From vehicle dynamics to human-robot interactions Mauro Da Lio (Univ. of Trento) Petros Ioannou
Wed Oct 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal Co-Design for Co-existence of MIMO Radars and MIMO Communication Systems Athina Petropulu (Rutgers) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Generalized cut-set bounds and Symmetrical Projections of Entropy region Amir Salimi Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBA Sam Coogan (UCLA) Rahul Jain
Wed Nov 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Enabling Smart Energy Communities with Proactive Demand Participation and Distribution System Operator Market Nanpeng Yu (UC Riverside) Insoon Yang
Wed Nov 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal precommitment strategies in some time-inconsistent control problems Christopher Miller (UC Berkeley) Insoon Yang
Wed Nov 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 On the Provision of Public Goods on Networks Parinaz Naghizadeh Ardabili (Univ. of Michigan) Ashutosh Nayyar
Thu Nov 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 University-Students Game George Papavassilopoulos Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Nov 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Thanksgiving Break No seminar
Wed Nov 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Capacity and Energy Markets for Stable Renewable Economy Mohammad Rasouli (Univ. of Michigan) Ashutosh Nayyar

Seminars for Spring 2016

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Jan 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Communication in Strategic Environments - Crawford-Sobel Meet Shannon Emrah Akyol (Illinois) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Jan 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Optimization Vishal Gupta (Marshall) Rahul Jain
Wed Jan 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Phase Transitions in Semidefinite Relaxations Adel Javanmard (USC) Rahul Jain
Thu Jan 28, 10:00am. EEB 248 Improving Wireless Networks and Data Storage through Information Theory Alireza Vahid (Duke) Salman Avestimehr
Mon Feb 1, 11:00am. EEB 248 A systematic process for evaluating structured equilibria in dynamic games with asymmetric information Achilleas Anastasopoulos (Michigan) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Feb 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 NO TALK ITA Week NO TALK
Wed Feb 10, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Super-resolution radar Reinhard Heckel (UC Berkeley) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Thu Feb 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Level-set methods for convex optimization Michael Friedlander (UC Davis) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Wed Feb 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A fast drift method for convex programs Hao Yu (USC) Rahul Jain
Mon Feb 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Conservative Bandits Csaba Szpesvari (U-Alberta) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Digitizing Humans into VR with a Glimpse into Deep Learning Applications Hao Li (USC) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Wed Mar 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 When your big data seems too small, accurate inferences beyond the empirical distribution Gregory Valiant (Stanford) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Wed Mar 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Distributed Energy Management with Limited Communication Na (Lina) Li (Harvard) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Mar 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 NO TALK SPRING BREAK Host
Wed Mar 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Stochastic and Information-theoretic Approaches to Analysis of Biological Data Farzad Farnoud (CALTECH) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Mar 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamic Games with Asymmetric Information-Equilibrium Concept and Sequential Decomposition Yi Ouyang (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed April 6, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Sharp tradeoffs for randomized numerical algorithms Let the theory meet practice Samet Oymak (Google) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Tue April 12, 2:30pm. EEB 248 NSF Programs in Energy, Power, Robotics, and Cyber-Physical Systems Kishan Baheti (Program Director, NSF) Ketan Savla
Wed April 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Cyber-Physical-Human Systems - Results and Challenges Vijay Gupta (Notre Dame) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed May 4, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Theory and Applications of Asynchronous Parallel Computing Wotao Yin (UCLA) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Mon May 9, 11:00am. EEB 248 On solving certain Semidefinite programs with low-rank solutions Afonso Bandeira (MIT and NYU) Mahdi Soltanolkotabi

Seminars for Fall 2015

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Aug 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Online Learning and Pattern Recognition in Multi-Agent Systems Alec Koppel (UPenn) Nicolo Michelusi
Mon Aug 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Mean Field and Propagation of Chaos in Complex Interacting Systems Ravi Mazumdar (Waterloo) Rahul Jain
Wed Aug 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Mean-field Teams Aditya Mahajan (McGill) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sept 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 LQG Control with Minimal Information- Semidefinite Programming Approach Takashi Tanaka (MIT) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sept 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Integrated Staffing and Scheduling for Surgeries Sandeep Rath (UCLA) Rahul Jain
Wed Sept 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Structured signal recovery without the shackles of convexity Mahdi Soltanolkotabi (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sept 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 When Lyapunov meets Church, automated synthesis of complex systems emerges Majid Zamani (Technische Universität München) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sept 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Allerton Conference No Seminar -
Fri Oct 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Cyber-Physical Systems- Performance, Robustness and Security Bruno Sinopoli(CMU) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Stochastic Network Optimization- The Steps Toward Realization Sucha Supittayapornpong (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 21, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Learning (from) networks- fundamental limits, algorithms, and applications Soheil Feizi (MIT) Salman Avestimehr
Wed Oct 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Energy Harvesting and Rechargeable Wireless Networks Ayfer Ozgur (Stanford) Salman Avestimehr
Wed Nov 4, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Stronger Soft-Covering Lemma that assures Semantic Security in Wiretap Channels Paul Cuff (Princeton) Urbashi Mitra
Wed Nov 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Resilient Monitoring and Control of Distribution Networks Saurabh Amin (MIT) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Nov 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamic learning and information information discovery- an adaptive optimization perspective Phebe Vayanos (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Nov 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Thanksgiving Break No Seminar -
Wed Dec 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Impact of Severity-Adjusted Workload on Health Status of Patients Discharged from an ICU Song-Hee Kim (Marshall) Rahul Jain
Fri Dec 4, 11:00am. EEB 248 A Common Information Based Multiple Access Protocol Achieving Full Throughput and Linear Delay Ouyang Yi (Michigan) Rahul Jain
Thu Dec 10, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Perennial and Personalized Sensing through Wireless Energy Transfer and Intra-body Networks Kaushik Chowdhury (Northeastern University) Ashutosh Nayyar

Seminars for Spring 2015

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Jan 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Distributed stochastic optimization via correlated scheduling Michael J. Neely (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Jan 21, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Signal and Noise in the Nervous System Joel Zylberberg (Univ. of Washington) Paul Bogdan
Wed Jan 21, 3:30pm. EEB 248 Convergence of a class of simple learning rules to pure-strategy Nash equilibria Richard La (Univ. of Maryland) Rahul Jain
Wed Jan 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Computing over Unreliable Communication Networks Nicola Elia (Iowa) Ashutosh Nayyar
Tue Feb 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 From X-Ray Vision with WiFi to Communication-Aware Robotics Yasamin Mostofi (UCSB) Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Wed Feb 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Control Theoretic Approach to Designing Biochemical Feedback Circuits Yutaka Hori (Caltech) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Feb 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Turning Memory into Bandwidth via Wireless Edge Caching: Fundamental Limits and Practical Challenges Mingyue Ji (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Feb. 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Timing Approach to Causal Network Inference Negar Kiyavash (Illinois) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Mar 4, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Longitudinal Driver Models & Driving Databases Kangwon Lee (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Fri Mar 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Remote and Distributed Estimation over Shared Networks: New Results and Open Problems Nuno Martins (Maryland) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Mar 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Spring Break No Seminar
Wed Mar 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Point-to-point codes for interference channels: A journey toward high performance at low complexity Young-Han Kim (UCSD) Salman Avestimehr
Wed Apr 1, 2:30pm. EEB 248 Secure state-estimation and control for dynamical systems under adversarial attacks Paulo Tabuada (UCLA) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Apr 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Vehicular Network: From Internet of Things to Urban Planning Keyvan Rezaei Moghadam (USC)​ Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Apr 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Content Caching and Delivery: Fundamental Limits, Challenges, and Opportunities Mohammad Maddah-Ali (Bell Labs) Salman Avestimehr
Wed Apr 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Sufficient Statistics for Multi-Agent Decision Sanjay Lall (Stanford) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed May 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Controlling Information Transfer in Spintronics Networks Frank C. Langbein (Cardiff University) Edmond Jonckheere

Seminars for Fall 2014

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Aug 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Device-to-device communication for 5G Erik Strom (Chalmers) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Unfalsified Adaptive Control with Reset and Bumpless Transfer Sagar Patil (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 10, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A cross-layer framework for joint control, distributed sensing and estimation in agile wireless networks Nicolo Michelusi (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Establishing Strong Secrecy and Stealth over Wyner's Wiretap Channel Gerhard Kramer (Technische Universität München (TUM)) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Sep 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Exploiting Caches for Spectrum Sharing in Wireless Device-to-Device Networks David Kao (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 1, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Allerton Conference NO SEMINAR Host
Wed Oct 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Analysis and Design of Optimization Algorithms via Integral Quadratic Constraints Laurent Lessard (Berkeley) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Two Recent Results in Random Matrix Theory And their Applications in Wireless Interference Management and Semi-Supervised Learning Aly El Gamal (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Mon Oct 20, 3:00pm. EEB 248 Closed-Loop Brain-Machine Interface Architectures Maryam Shanechi (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Stochastic Optimization of Sub-hourly Economic Dispatch with Wind Energy Harsha Gangammanavar (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Oct 29, 2:00pm. EEB 248 The Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in MIMO Interference Networks- Minimax Lagrangian Duality and Algorithm Lijun Chen (Colorado) Host
Wed Nov 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Balancing Delay and Congestion Costs in Scheduling and Computing Bottleneck Congestion Equilibria Rajgopal Kannan (LSU) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Nov 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Information theory meets control Anant Sahai (Berkeley) Salman Avestimehr
Wed Nov 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Thanksgiving Break NO SEMINAR Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Dec 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Semidefinite relaxation of optimal power flow Steven Low (Caltech) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed Dec 10, 3:00pm. EEB 248 A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection of Large - Scale Systems Sergio Pequito (U. Penn) Paul Bogdan
Wed Dec 17, 3:00pm. EEB 248 Convergence of a class of simple learning rules to pure-strategy Nash equilibria Richard La (Maryland) Rahul Jain

Seminars for Spring 2014

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Jan 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Transitory Queues- A New Paradigm in Queueing Theory Harsha Honnappa (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Jan 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Information-theoretically optimal compressed sensing via spatial coupling and approximate message passing Adel Javanmard (Stanford Univ.) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Jan 29, 2:00pm. EEB 248 On Networked Source Coding in the Presence of Exploration versus Exploitation Tradeoff Emrah Akyol (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Robust Distributed Routing in Dynamical Network Flows Ketan Savla (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 ITA Workshop NO SEMINAR Host
Wed Feb 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Active state tracking in heterogeneous sensor networks via controlled sensing Daphney - Stavroula Zois (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Diffusion Based Molecular Communication- Efficient Modulator and Simple near optimal Decoder Masoumeh Nasiri-Kenari Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed March 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamic Games with Stochastically Failing Information Channels Tamer Basar (Illinois) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed March 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Designing Optimal Resource Sharing in the Long Run Mihaela van der Schaar (UCLA) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed March 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 SPRING BREAK NO SEMINAR Host
Wed March 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Fundamentals of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Harpreet S. Dhillon (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed April 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Parallel and Distributed Optimization of Large ­Scale Systems Gesauldo Scutari (Buffalo) Rahul Jain
Wed April 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Using fluid approximations for designing service systems Ramandeep Randhawa (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed April 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Risk-aware decision making- a story about stochastic dominance William Haskell (USC) Ashutosh Nayyar
Wed April 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamic Spectrum Allocation via a Game-Theoretic Approach Jong-Shi Pang (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed April 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamics and control of distributed systems Mihailo Jovanovic (Minnesota) Rahul Jain
Wed May 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Dynamic Games and Teams with Asymmetric Information- Some Existence Results Abhishek Gupta (UIUC) Rahul Jain

Seminars for Fall 2013

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Aug 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Sensor node localization based on two-way time-of-arrival ranging with imperfect clocks Erik Strom (Chalmers) Ubli Mitra
Wed Sep 4, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Bayesian Congestion Control over a Markovian Network Bandwidth Process- A multiperiod Newsvendor Problem Parisa Mansourifard (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Sep 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Decentralized Control for Asymmetric Information Patterns- Overview and New Results Naumaan Nayyar (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Sep 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Talking to Your Cells- Exploiting Molecular Communication in Bacteria Networks for Medical Applications Paul Bogdan (USC) Host
Thu Sep 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Searching And Bargaining With Middlemen Vijay Subramaniam (Northwestern) Rahul Jain
Mon Sep 23, 11:00am. EEB 248 TBA Or Ordentlich (Tel-Aviv) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Sep 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Two network problems and their application to streaming codes Tracey Ho (Caltech) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 NO SEMINAR ALLERTON CONF Host
Wed Oct 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Rare Event Simulation of Heavy Tailed Random Walks – A New Approach Sandeep Juneja (TIFR) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Cross-Layer Perspective on Distributed Estimation with Fusion Center quality feedback Nicolo Michelusi (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 How I got into Impulse Radio -- the Education of one Communication Theorist Bob Scholtz (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Identifiability Results for Bilinear Inverse Problems- With Applications to Blind Deconvolution and Matrix Factorization Sunav Choudhary (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Nov 6, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Plug'n'Play Operation of Microgrids- Objectives and Strategies Florian Dörfler (UCLA) Rahul Jain
Wed Nov 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Adaptive, Parallel, and Asynchronous Stochastic Optimization Algorithms John Duchi (Berkeley) Ubli Mitra
Wed Nov 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Redundancy in Speech and Robustness of Automatic Speech Recognition Zoran Cvetovic Ubli Mitra
Wed Nov 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 NO SEMINAR THANKSGIVING Host
Wed Dec 4, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Fundamental limits and Optimal algorithms for RNA Transcriptome Assembly Sriram K (Berkeley) Giuseppe Caire

Seminars for Spring 2013

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Jan 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Design Guidelines for Limited Feedback in Interference-Limited Systems Vasanthan Raghavan (USC Math) Rahul Jain
Wed Jan 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Randomized Methods in Game Theory with Applications to Network Security Joao Hespanha (UCSB) Rahul Jain
Wed Jan 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal receivers and rate regions for interference networks with superposition codes Bernd Bandemer (UCSD) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Feb 6, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Interference Alignment, Interference Neutralization, and Function Computation over Gaussian Networks Sangwoon Jeon (EPFL) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Feb 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 No Seminar UCSD ITA Workshop Week No Seminar
Fri Feb 15, 11:00am. EEB 248 Coding over Interference Channels- An Information-Estimation View Shlomo Shamai (Technion) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Feb 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal Online Bin Packing in an Infinite Server System Yuan Zhong (MIT) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Constrained Signaling for Welfare and Revenue Maximization Shaddin Dughmi (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Mar 6, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Interference Management in Bursty Wireless Networks with Feedback I-Hsiang Wang (EPFL) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Mar 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Tensor Spectral Approach to Learning Mixed Membership Community Models Anima Anandkumar (UCI) Ubli Mitra
Wed Mar 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 No Seminar Spring Break No Seminar
Wed Mar 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Smarter Markets for a Smarter Grid - The Why and How Rahul Jain Ubli Mitra
Wed Apr 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Cognitive Access Policies under a Primary ARQ process via Chain Decoding Nicolò Michelusi (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Apr 10, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Networked Information Processing- New Compression, Processing and Control Paradigms for Networks Emrah Akyol (UCSB)
Wed Apr 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Ambiguity in risk preferences in optimization and control Will Haskell (USC)
Wed Apr 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Pricing of Fluctuations in Electricity Markets Yunjian Xu (Caltech) Rahul Jain
Wed May 1, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Channel Coding Methods for Green Data Storage- Innovations Beyond the Hamming Metric Lara Dolecek (UCLA) Rahul Jain

Seminars for Fall 2012

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Aug 29, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Implementation of Cooperative Schemes with Network Coding on Smartphones Anh Le (UCI) Alex Dimakis
Wed Sep 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Decentralized learning for multi-player multi-armed bandits Dileep Kalathil (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Sep 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Beyond Point-to-Point Coding Young-Han Kim (UCSD) Rahul Jain
Wed Sep 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Three open problems in network communication. Michael Langberg (The Open University of Israel) Alex Dimakis
Wed Sep 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 The Convex Geometry of Inverse Problems Venkat Chandrasekaran (Caltech/MIT) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 An Unexpected Universal Networking Paradigm Ray Sanders (SAIN Networks) Giuseppe Caire?
Wed Oct 10, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Regenerating Codes A System Perspective Nicolas Le Scouarnec (Technicolor) Alex Dimakis
Mon Oct 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal Reliability over a DMC with Feedback via Deterministic Sequential Coding Tara Javidi (UCSD) Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Wed Oct 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Support Recovery with Sparsely Sampled Free Random Matrices Dr. Antonia Tulino (Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs) Giuseppe Caire
Wed Oct 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Online Learning Algorithms for Network Optimization with Unknown Variables Yi Gai (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 31, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Lossy Compression for BigData- First Steps Thomas Courtade( Center for Science of Information) Alex Dimakis
Wed Nov 2, 4:30pm. EEB 248 Topological interference alignment through distributed index coding Syed Ali Jafar (UCI) Alex Dimakis
Wed Nov 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 The Changing Energy Landscape- The Role of Consumer Participation Ufuk Topcu (U-Penn) Rahul Jain
Wed Nov 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Time Consistency of Bounded Memory Plans Yilmaz Kocer (USC Econ) Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Wed Nov 21, 2:00pm. EEB 248 An Analytical Approach to Regulation of Security Investments in the Internet Arman Khouzani (Ohio State) Rahul Jain
Wed Nov 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Optimal Dynamic Mechanism Design Hamid Nazerzadeh (USC Marshall) Rahul Jain
Wed Dec 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 From Compression to Compressed Sensing Shirin Jalali (Caltech) Rahul Jain
Fri Dec 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Graphical Congestion Games with Applications in Spectrum Sharing Jianwei Huang (CUHK) Rahul Jain

Seminars for Spring 2012

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Jan 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Error Correcting Codes for Automatic Control Ravi Teja Sukhavasi (Caltech) Alex Dimakis
Wed Jan 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Coalitions in Cooperative Wireless Networks Srinivas Yerramalli (USC) Alex Dimakis
Wed Jan 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Critically Sampled Wavelet Filterbanks on Graphs Sunil Kumar (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 1, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Large Scale Integration of Deferrable Demand and Renewable Energy Sources in Power Systems Anthony Papavasiliou (Berkeley) Alex Dimakis
Wed Feb 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 ITA ITA ITA
Wed Feb 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 To Pay or Not To Pay. Profit Maximizing Payment Schemes on Social Media Platforms Shaolei Ren (UCLA) Rahul Jain
Wed Feb 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Erasure Codes in Facebook's Data Warehouse Ramkumar Vadali Alex Dimakis
Wed Feb 29, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Signal Processing for Next-Generation Sequencing and Biosensing Haris Vikalo (UT Austin) Ubli Mitra
Wed Mar 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Solving the Matched Filter Detector in Linear Time Shamgar Gurevich (Wisconsin) Alex Dimakis
Wed Mar 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 No seminar No Seminar Spring Break
Wed Mar 21, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Infocom Practice talks Multiple Speakers Alex Dimakis
Wed Mar 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 When to exercise control Paulo Tabauda (UCLA) Rahul Jain
Wed April 4, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Linearly Parameterized Bandits Paat Rusmevichientong (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed April 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Novel Distance Metric for Rank Aggregation Farzad Farnoud (UIUC) Alex Dimakis
Wed April 18, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Inference and Control in Complex Networks Vijay Subramanian (Northwestern) Rahul Jain
Wed April 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBA Harsha Honnappa (USC) Rahul Jain

Seminars for Fall 2011

Date Title Speaker Host
Wed Aug 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Noise Benefits in Markov Chains Brandon Franzke (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Aug 31, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Channel Estimation for Wideband Channels Ubli Mitra (USC) Alex Dimakis
Wed Sep 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Energy Procurement Strategies in Presence of Intermittent Sources Sachin Adlakha (Caltech) Rahul Jain
Wed Sep 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Toward a Computational Information Theory Michelle Effros Alex Dimakis
Wed Sep 21, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Compressed Representations for Subsurface Imaging Behnam Jafarpour (USC) Rahul Jain
Wed Sep 28, 2:30pm. EEB 248 NO TALK Allerton No TALK
Wed Oct 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Reliable Allocations for Distributed Storage Derek Leong Alex Dimakis
Wed Oct 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Space-from-Time Imaging - Acquiring Reflectance and Structure Without Lenses Vivek Goyal (MIT)Ubli Mitra/Antonio Ortega
Wed Oct 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Net Neutrality & Wireless Net Neutrality - Why Network Researchers Should Care Scott Jordan (UCI) Rahul Jain
Wed Oct 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Privacy in the Smart Grid, Two New Challenges Lalitha Sankar (Princeton) Ubli Mitra
Wed Nov 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Decision-making in Decentralized Systems Ashutosh Nayyar (UIUC/U-Mich)Rahul Jain
Wed Nov 9, 11:00pm. EEB 248 (talk canceled) (Asilomar Conference)
Wed Nov 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 On source-channel separation over networks Suhas Diggavi (UCLA) Alex Dimakis
Wed Nov 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 No Seminar Thanksgiving
Wed Nov 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A journey through data-rate theorems for communication and control Massimo Franceschetti (UCSD) Rahul Jain
Wed Dec 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 No Seminar No TalkWeek of Finals
Wed Dec 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Toward Energy Efficient Operation of Base Stations in Cellular Wireless Networks Kyuho Son (USC) Alex Dimakis

Seminars for Spring 2011

Date Title Speaker Host
January 12, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Utility Optimal Scheduling in Networks- Small Delay and No Underflow Longbo Huang Rahul Jain
January 19, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Role of Feedback in Interference Networks Changho SuhAlex Dimakis
January 26, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Bringing network coding closer to practice Christina Fragouli Alex Dimakis
January 27, 4:30pm. SAL 101 Sparse Approximations- Algorithms and Analysis Anna Gilbert Alex Dimakis
February 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Recent results on discrete memoryless broadcast channels Chandra Nair Giuseppe Caire
February 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Title ITA N/A
February 16, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Delay and power-optimal control in multi-class queueing systems Chih-ping LiRahul Jain
February 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Channel coding, non asymptotic fundamental limits with and without feedback Yury Polyanskiy Urbashi Mitra
March 2, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A Clean Slate Design of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using On Off Division Duplex Dongning GuoAlex Dimakis
March 9, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Robustness in High Dimensions -- Principal Component Analysis Constantine CaramanisAlex Dimakis
March 23, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Cooperative Information Exchange over Networks Tom Courtade (UCLA)Rahul Jain
March 30, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Wavelets on Graphs - Theory and Applications Antonio Ortega (USC)Rahul Jain
April 6, 2:00pm. EEB 248 A New Approach to Robustness and Flexibility in High-dimensions Sujay Sanghavi (UT Austin)Rahul Jain
April 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Wireless Open-Access Research Program Ashutosh Sabharwal (Rice)Rahul Jain
April 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Rethinking wireless networks with network coding - Overhead and stability challenges Yalin Sagduyu (Intelligent Automation, Inc.)Alex Dimakis
April 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Content-Aware Caching and Traffic Management in Content Distribution Networks Srinivas Shakkottai (Texas A&M)Rahul Jain
May 11, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Network Modulation-- Simultaneous Optimality in Multi-User Communication Yuval Kochman Giuseppe Caire
May 25, 2:00pm. EEB 248 MDS Array Codes with Optimal Rebuilding Zhiying Wang Alex Dimakis
May 26, 2:00pm. TBD Efficient Code Constructions for Reliable Distributed Storage P Vijay Kumar Alex Dimakis
June 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Multi-Channel Multi-Stage Spectrum Sensing- Link Layer Performance and Energy Consumption Przemysław Pawełczak Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Seminars for Fall 2010

Date Title Speaker
Thu. July 21, 10:00am. HED 116 Cloud Security Issues Randy Marchany
Wed Sep 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 No Seminar No seminar
Wed Sep 15, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBA Bathiya Senanyake (ANU)
Wed Sep 22, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Barrage Relay Networks Keith Chugg
Fri Sep 24, 2:30pm. EEB 248 Three fundamental measures of geometry and their role in model selection and sparse inverse problems Waheed U. Bajwa
Tue Sep 28, 10:00am. TBA Lattice Coding for Interference Networks Sriram Viswanath
Wed Oct 6, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Short Range Radio Research in Twente Arjan Meijerink, USC
Wed Oct 13, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBA Dorit Hochbaum
Wed Oct 20, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Computation over Networks Nikhil Karamchandani
Wed Oct 27, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Actions can speak more clearly than words Pulkit Grover
Wed Nov 3, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Interference Management in Cognitive Networks with Reactive Primary Users Marco Levorato
Fri Nov 12, 11:00pm. EEB 248 Quantifying and Achieving the Capacity of Wireless 1-Hop Network Coding --- A Code-Alignment-Based Approach Chih-Chun Wang
Wed Nov 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Open Open
Wed Nov 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Open Open
Mon Nov 29, 11:00am. EEB 248 Flows and Decompositions of Games - Harmonic and Potential Games Pablo Parrillo
Wed Dec 1, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Open Open
Wed Dec 8, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Open Open

Seminars for Spring 2010

Date Title Speaker
Wed. Jan 13, 2010 2:00pm. EEB 248 Backpressure Routing Made Practical Scott Moeller, USC
Wed. Jan 20, 3:00pm. EEB 248 Bumpless Transfer with Slow-Fast Controller Decomposition Shin-Young Cheong, USC
Wed. Jan 27, 11:00am. EEB 248 Wireless Network Coding Algorithms Christina Fragouli
Thurs. Jan 28, 3.30pm. EEB 248 Entropy, Networks and Information Flow Babak Hassibi
Fri., Feb. 5, 11:00am. EEB 248 An I-MMSE Perspective to the Capacity of the MIMO Gaussian Wiretap Channel Shlomo Shamai
Wed. Feb 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Safe Industrial Operation: Improving Accuracy and Efficiency of Alarm Systems Tongwen Chen
Wed. Feb 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Event-triggered and Self-triggered Control Paulo Tabuada
Wed. Mar 10, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Xampling-- Analog-to-digital at Sub-Nyquist rates Yonina Eldar
Wed. Mar 17, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Three talks for the price of one:
1. Concatenated polar codes
2. Coding for causal adversaries
3. Robust network tomography
Sid Jaggi
Wed. Mar 24, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Learning from sensitive data-- balancing accuracy and privacy Anand Sarwate
Wed. Mar 31, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Deterministic Channel Models: an Overview Giuseppe Caire
Wed. Apr 7, 2:00pm. EEB 248 TBD Open
Wed. Apr 14, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Traffic pattern analysis and load balancing in negatively curved networks Edmond A. Jonckheere
Wed. Apr 21, 3:00pm. EEB 248 Multi-user Effort Allocation Mihaela van der Schaar
Wed. Apr 28, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Using structural properties of rare events for better system design-- examples from codes and circuits Lara Dolecek
Wed. May 5, 2:00pm. EEB 248 Altruism, Selfishness, and Spite in Traffic Routing Po-An Chen
Monday May 24, 2:00pm. HED 116, A Rate-Distortion Perspective on Multiple Decoding Attempts for Reed-Solomon Codes Henry Pfister
Wed. June 2, 2:00pm. EEB 539 Interference Alignment-- Principles and Applications Viveck Cadambe
Wed. June 9, 2:00pm. room TBD Deterministic Channel Models: an Overview 2 Giuseppe Caire
Tue. June 15, 1:00pm. EEB 349 Equality conditions for the quantum f-relative entropy and generalized data processing inequalities Naresh Sharma

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