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Radcliffe, long an advocate of the fight against doping, praised the IAAF Council's stand. “They showed that they are ready to step up and fulfil the vital role of supporting the clean athletes and ensuring that all is done to maintain a fair and level playing field,” she said.

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Kilemi Mwiria, Kenyatta's advisor on education, said the cheating in schools is a crisis, with teachers helping students to cheat and parents buying examination papers. “Everybody steals from the other one - the pastors are stealing from their flock, the policemen are stealing from everybody else . and that is what the young people see and everybody seems to believe you have to cheat to succeed. “This is a reflection of our society - we glorify thieves - young people say they will do anything to make it,” he said earlier this month in a TV interview.

“Special focus will be put on countries where the testing programme is non-compliant - Kenya, Russia and Mexico,” the IOC said in a statement on its pre-Olympic testing programme after an Executive Board meeting on Wednesday. (Reporting by Karolos Grohmann, editing by Ed Osmond)

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the game feels almost alike a vasiform shell of what it used to be At this point, I decided to give Be A GM a make up one's mind, which is your basic franchise mode. This i is pretty acerate, where you beak a team and run them unvarnished up to 25 seasons. You bristle the opportunity to do a a few GM tasks, merelyfor the most set off all you will be doing is playing the games that make up each treat, with marginal action inbetween.

Davies, IAAF president Sebastian Coe's closest aide, project manager Jane Boulter-Davies and medical manager Pierre-Yves Garnier are provisionally suspended from holding any office at the IAAF for 180 days from June 10.

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