Exploration and Exploitation in Actuated Communication Networks

NSF  NeTS Large  Collaborative:  CNS 1213128


Project Summary

The oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface and represent one of the least explored frontiers, yet the oceans are integral to climate regulation, nutrient production, oil retrieval, and transportation. It can be reasonably argued that we know more about the solar system and space, than we do about the parts of planet earth covered by water. Future scientific and technological efforts to achieve better understanding of oceans and water-related applications will rely heavily on our ability to jointly consider communications, actuation and sensing in a platform that includes instruments, vehicles, human operators and sensors of all types.


The goal of the Exploration and Exploitation in Actuated Communication Networks project is to design networking tools for mobile underwater networks, develop novel navigation mechanisms for communication constrained autonomous underwater vehicles and to ultimately couple in sensing and classification to provide solutions for the exploration-exploitation tradeoff. We shall examine:  (a) mobile underwater network design; (b) AUV routing with communication constraints; and (c) integrating sensing to design exploration/exploitation algorithms.



(listed alphabetically)

    Sunav Choudhary (USC)

    Franz Hover (co-PI) (MIT)

    Naveen Kumar (USC)

    Urbashi Mitra (PI) (USC)

    Shri Narayanan (co-PI) (USC)

    Milica Stojanovic (co-PI) (NEU)

    Gaurav Sukhatme (co-PI) (USC)

Alumni: Daphney Zois (USC)



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