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Reliable Allocations for Distributed Storage

Wed Oct 5, 2:00pm-3pm, EEB 248.

Abstract: We examine the problem of allocating a given total storage budget in a distributed storage system for maximum reliability. A source has a single data object which it can code and store over a set of storage nodes; it is allowed to store any amount of coded data in each node, as long as the total amount of storage used does not exceed the given budget. A data collector subsequently attempts to recover the original data object by accessing only the data stored in a random subset of the nodes. By using an appropriate code, successful recovery can be achieved whenever the total amount of data accessed is at least the size of the original data object. The goal is to find an optimal storage allocation that maximizes the probability of successful recovery. In this talk, we shall examine several variations of the problem assuming different allocation models and access models. We also consider the related problem of allocating for optimal recovery delay in a mobile storage network. Our results indicate that the optimal allocations often have nonintuitive structure and are difficult to specify. We also show that depending on the circumstances, coding may or may not be beneficial for reliable storage.

Bio: Derek Leong is an electrical engineering PhD candidate at Caltech. His research adviser is Professor Tracey Ho. His research interests include robust coding for distributed storage systems and named data networking.

Host: Alex Dimakis, dimakis [at]

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