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 +“Information-theoretic tradeoffs in control”
 +Dr. Victoria Kostina, Caltech
 +Wednesday, April 19, 2017
 +2:00 – 3:00PM
 +EEB 248
 +Consider a flying drone controlled from the ground by an observer who communicates with it via wireless. We are interested in how well the drone can be controlled via a channel that accepts r bits/sec. Formally, the controller of a linear stochastic system aims to minimize a quadratic cost function in the state variables and control signal, known as the linear quadratic regulator (LQR). We characterize the optimal tradeoff between the communication rate r bits/sec and the limsup of the expected cost b.
 +We consider an information-theoretic rate-cost function, which quantifies the minimum mutual information between the channel input and output, given the past, that is compatible with a target LQR cost. We provide a lower bound to the rate-cost function, which applies as long as the system noise has a probability density function, and which holds for a general class of codes that can take full advantage of the memory of the data observed so far and that are not constrained to have any particular structure.
 +Perhaps surprisingly,​ the bound can be approached by a simple variable-length lattice quantization scheme, as long as the system noise satisfies a smoothness condition. The quantization scheme only quantizes the innovation, that is, the difference between the controller'​s belief about the current state and the encoder'​s state estimate.
 +Victoria Kostina joined Caltech as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in the fall of 2014. She holds a Bachelor'​s degree from Moscow institute of Physics and Technology (2004), where she was affiliated with the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a Master'​s degree from University of Ottawa (2006), and a PhD from Princeton University (2013). She joined Caltech as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in the fall of 2014. Her PhD dissertation on information-theoretic limits of lossy data compression received Princeton Electrical Engineering Best Dissertation award. ​ She is also a recipient of Simons-Berkeley research fellowship (2015). Victoria Kostina'​s research spans information theory, coding, wireless communications and control.
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