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 +Equality conditions for the quantum f-relative entropy and
 +generalized data processing inequalities.
 +Prof. Naresh Sharma, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, India
 +Abstract: We study the fundamental properties of the quantum
 +f-relative entropy, where f(·) is an operator convex function. We
 +give the equality conditions under various properties including
 +monotonicity and joint convexity, and these conditions apply to
 +a class of operator convex functions that we define, and this class
 +is different from the ones previously studied. The quantum f-entropy
 +is defined in terms of the quantum f-relative entropy and we study
 +its properties giving the equality conditions in some cases. We then
 +show that the f-generalizations of the Holevo information,​ the
 +entanglement-assisted capacity, and the coherent information also
 +satisfy the data processing inequality, and give the equality conditions
 +for the f-coherent information.
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