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 +Title: Energy Procurement Strategies in Presence of Intermittent Sources
 +Abstract: We study the impact of a high penetration of intermittent wind
 +generation on electricity markets. Specifically,​ we analyze the effect of
 +wind prediction accuracy, as well as the volume of wind farm
 +on the conventional generation that needs to be contracted for in long
 +term, day ahead, and real time markets. This provides insight into how the
 +markets for conventional generation might need to be restructured in order
 +to make efficient use of high volumes of renewable generation. (Joint work
 +with Jayakrishnan Nair and Adam Wierman)
 +Sachin Adlakha is postdoctoral fellow at Caltech’s Center for the
 +Mathematics of Information. Prior to coming to Caltech, he obtained his
 +PhD from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.
 +His research interests lie at the intersection of engineering and
 +operations/​management science. In particular he is interested in
 +developing techniques, models and algorithms for economic analysis of
 +engineering systems.
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