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Title: Energy Procurement Strategies in Presence of Intermittent Sources

Abstract: We study the impact of a high penetration of intermittent wind generation on electricity markets. Specifically, we analyze the effect of wind prediction accuracy, as well as the volume of wind farm installations, on the conventional generation that needs to be contracted for in long term, day ahead, and real time markets. This provides insight into how the markets for conventional generation might need to be restructured in order to make efficient use of high volumes of renewable generation. (Joint work with Jayakrishnan Nair and Adam Wierman)

Bio: Sachin Adlakha is postdoctoral fellow at Caltech’s Center for the Mathematics of Information. Prior to coming to Caltech, he obtained his PhD from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. His research interests lie at the intersection of engineering and operations/management science. In particular he is interested in developing techniques, models and algorithms for economic analysis of engineering systems.

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