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 +=== MDS Array Codes with Optimal Rebuilding ===
 +Efficient Code Constructions for Reliable Distributed Storage
 +P. Vijay Kumar
 +Professor, Indian Institute of Science
 +Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California
 +Room EEB 248  ​
 +In a distributed storage (DS) system, information is dispersed across
 +nodes in a network in such a manner that an end-user can retrieve the
 +data stored by tapping into a subset of the nodes. ​ When compared with
 +data replication,​ erasure codes such as RS codes provide increased
 +resiliency in the face of node failures.
 +Regenerating codes, introduced by Dimakis et. al. go one step beyond
 +erasure codes by minimizing in addition, the amount of data that has
 +to be downloaded to bring up a failed node.  The first part of the
 +talk will provide an overview of some optimal constructions for
 +regenerating codes. ​  The second part will describe a recent simple,
 +yet promising ​ framework for the construction of a DS code.  Under
 +this framework, the DS code can be built up of any pair of erasure
 +codes and further, data download or node repair is accomplished simply
 +through erasure decoding of the constituent codes. ​ In exchange for
 +some loss in network-connection flexibility when compared with a
 +regenerating code, the DS code could with judicious choice of
 +constituent codes, be made to offer advantages such as the
 +simultaneous minimization of storage space and repair-bandwidth or
 +low-complexity operation.
 +Host: Alex Dimakis, dimakis [at]
 +Back to [[start | CommNetS Seminar Page ]]
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