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 +Design Guidelines for Limited Feedback in Interference-Limited Systems ​
 +Limited feedback systems have been increasingly used in 3G wireless standardization efforts and beyond to facilitate opportunistic communications that take advantage of favorable channel fading conditions. Initial efforts in this direction adopt the point-to-point paradigm where each user decides the best signalling direction from an apriori designed codebook of signalling direction(s) to optimize its own chosen metric. Such a selfish design is often not optimal from a network perspective. In this talk, we will revisit the limited feedback design problem from a network viewpoint and show that significant benefits can be realized by a codebook design and codeword selection that is altruistic rather than selfish. ​
 +Vasanthan Raghavan is a postdoc in the Math department at USC. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 2006 and has held academic positions at the University of Illinois and the University of Melbourne. His research interests lie in sequential analysis, quantitative criminology,​ social network analysis, information theory, and signal processing for multi-antenna systems. ​
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