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 +Shlomo Shamai, Dept. EE, Technion
 +"​Coding over Interference Channels: An Information-Estimation View"
 +The information-estimation relation is used to gain insight into
 +useful coding schemes operating over the Gaussian interference channel.
 +After reviewing basic I-MMSE relations and their implications
 +on point-to-point coding over the Gaussian channel,
 +we focus on the Gaussian interference channel.
 +Here the inflicted interference is measured by the associated minimum
 +mean square error (MMSE).
 +Structure of codes achieving reliable communication at some specific
 +signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and constrained by the permitted
 +MMSE at a lower SNR values, modeling the interference,​ are
 +discussed. It is shown that layered superposition codes attain optimal
 +performance,​ providing thus some engineering insight to the relative
 +efficiency of the  Han-Kobayashi coding strategy.
 +The Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) behavior of the multi-user Gaussian
 +interference channel is captured by considering the MMSE-Dimension concept,
 +providing a general expression for the DoF.
 +A short outlook concludes the presentation,​ addressing related
 +research challenges, and also recent results,
 +where interference is measured by the corresponding mutual information.
 +Joint work with Ronit Bustin, Technion.
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