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 +==Coalitions in Cooperative Wireless Networks==
 +Srinivas Yerramalli, USC
 +Wednesday, Jan 18, EEB 248, 2:00pm
 +Abstract: Cooperation in wireless networks results when nodes exploit the broadcast nature of the wireless medium
 +and use their resources to mutually enhance transmissions. It is assumed in general that all network nodes are
 +willing to cooperate. However, when self interested and rational nodes are allowed to cooperate, it is necessary
 +to examine whether the cooperation of all users can be taken for granted. There are two major disincentives for 
 +cooperation in a typical network; cost of cooperating and insufficient gains from cooperation. In this talk, I 
 +discuss the problem of transmitter cooperation over a multiple access channel. Using tools from cooperative game 
 +theory, I will show whether the grand coalition forms and if so the scenarios in which it is stable and how stability can
 +be enforced. I will then talk about some recent work on its dual problem, receiver cooperation over a broadcast channel,
 +and discuss some of the similarities and differences between the two scenarios.
 +Bio: Srinivas Yerramalli is a Ph D candidate at USC working with Prof. Urbashi Mitra. Prior to this he obtained his B.Tech
 +degree from the International Institute for Information Technology in Hyderabad, India. His research interests lie in the 
 +general areas of wireless communications,​ signal processing and optimization,​ and his PhD work has been focused towards high
 +speed underwater acoustic communications. ​
 +Host: Alex Dimakis, dimakis [at]
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