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 +Recent surge in large-scale data storage systems has created an immediate need to develop new coding methodologies attuned to the physical properties of the emerging non-volatile memory technologies. We will first review basic physical models and demonstrate why the existing channel coding methods are becoming increasing inadequate for such channels. We will then in detail discuss several examples of algebraic channel coding approaches for non-volatile memories, focusing on improved data reliability and write capacity. ​
 +The talk will conclude with a discussion of several open problems in this area.
 +Bio: Prof. Lara Dolecek is an assistant professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA where she heads the Laboratory for Robust Information Systems and co-directs UCLA Center on Development on emerging Storage Systems (CoDESS). She received Okawa Research Grant in 2013, NSF CAREER Award in 2012, Hellman Fellow award in 2011, and David J. Sakrison Award from the EECS Department at UC Berkeley in 2007. 
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