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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

USC Fellowships
A wide range of graduate student fellowships are awarded each year to outstanding PhD applicants to USC.
Outside Fellowships
There are many other organizations that provide full or partial fellowships for graduate study at USC. Ph.D. fellowships are competitively awarded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, and many private foundations such as the Hertz and Whitaker foundations. Many of our students also receive graduate student fellowships from corporations with long standing ties to USC. Currently our students are supported by M.S. and Ph.D. fellowships from Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm, Intel, Boeing, and many other aerospace, multimedia and high-tech companies. In some cases, these awards are made to existing employees to pursue their degrees on a part time basis, in others, the awards are for full-time study at USC. Please see the Graduate School for further information regarding these and other fellowships.
Research and Teaching Assistantships

The department of Electrical Engineering employ approximately 60 Teaching assistants and 200 Research assistants every year. All students admitted to our PhD program are eligible for these awards and are chosen by the faculty and department by March for the following Fall and Spring semesters. Teaching assistantships are awarded by an evaluation committee to incoming students and awards are made based on academic performance and faculty recommendations. Teaching assistantships come with a stipend and tuition waiver. Usually, teaching assistantships are awarded along with research assistantships to incoming PhD students. Research Assistantships are awarded by faculty members who have research projects. In order to ensure that classes with lab or discussion get qualified TA support, some TA awards are also made to outstanding and qualified existing students in the Department. Other forms of financial aid with no tuition suport include lab assistantships and graders. The TA awards are also made by the evaluation and awards committee. Interested PhD students in the Department can apply for such positions by going to the Department office in EEB 100. Graders are selected by instructors who require them and interested students can apply directly with the course instructors. With over 100 students admitted to our program every year, competition for these awards is great. Research and teaching assistantships in EE are not offered to MS applicants. The way for you to ensure that your file will be considered, is to:

  1. Submit a completed university application form
  2. Be sure that your documents (official transcripts, GRE scores, statement of purpose and recommendation letters for PhD only) are sent in a timely manner.
Please use the same name and email address on all USC documents and correspondence.
Graduate Student Loans

Through the Federal Stafford Loan Program U.S. Citizens and permanent residents can typically borrow up to $18,500 per year to help defer their costs (including tuition and living expenses) to attend USC. Information regarding student loans and application packets can be obtained by calling (213) 740-1111.

Employment on Campus

Other forms of full time/part time non-departmental employment are available at USC. Following are a few examples. Remember, your fellow students are often an invaluable source of information about employment opportunities.