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D-Clearance Courses

Departmental (D) Clearance and Special Request Form Instructions

If your class number ends in "R" (ex: 014-30404R), you can register through USC Web Registration after all pre-requisites have been met or waived.   If your class number ends in "D" (ex: 907-30444D) you must request Departmental Clearance using our D-Clearance Request and Pre-Requesite Waiver System.The d-clearance process ensures that students have completed the required pre-requisites or passed placement examinations. After obtaining d-clearance, register through USC Web Registration.

In some instances, a Special Request form must be approved and submitted with a d-clearance request.  Please read Special Request instructions below and contact the appropriate faculty. 

For Directed Research, please see below.

Undergraduate students (BSEE and BSCECS)

Students must be advised by a staff or faculty to receive d-clearance. D-clearance is available in EEB 102, not by email or telephone.

Directed Research

You are required to read the guidelines before applying for Directed Research

EE 490, EE 590, EE 690 and EE 790

Complete the online Directed Research form by visiting the Directed Research Online Application. If the professor you have selected approves your units for Directed Research, you will recieve a confirmation email and provided with d-clearance.

 ***Special Request Form***

Students will submit a Special Request form for the following reasons:

  1. To count a non-EE class toward the degree. Requires signature from Professor Jerry Mendel  (EEB 400 B). 
  2. Waive a prerequisite or allow as a corequisite for a course without a Placement Exam. (Requires signature from appropriate faculty)
  3. Substitute a different EE course for a required course (only for CN, MC, VL, Ceng). Requires signature from faculty in area of program of study (use Faculty Directory)
  4. Transfer courses (4 units from another university) and attach a transfer credit statement. Requires signature from Professor Jerry Mendel.