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Graduate Students

Dear Electrical Engineering Graduate Students,
We welcome you to browse our website at http://ee.usc.edu to learn about various graduate student activities, seminars and distinguished lectures, and the policies and procedures of our graduate programs. Please go through our website and University catalogue to learn about the graduate degree requirements. It is important to make sure that you take proper sequences of courses towards your degree. The University Catalogue is the document of authority for basic degree requirements.
Some of our 500 level EE courses require the passing of placement exams before registration will be allowed. Placement exams in EE will be given usually a few days prior to registration and first day of classes. Please allow yourself enough time to arrive in order to take whichever exam you will need. Please see our website at http://ee.usc.edu for specific information on each exam, including the times given. Please go through other information on the ee web site about program requirements, FAQ, guidelines to take courses etc.
Students are strongly encouraged to see faculty for academic advisement. Please meet with faculty advisors at the beginning of each semester to make sure your program plan is going smoothly and that you are making progress towards completing your degree. They will be available in all areas during registration week at their posted office hours. Our policy on taking any non-EE course is that prior approval must be obtained from the EE department for which there is a special form. Prerequisite courses, generally 400-level courses, should be completed prior to taking 500-level courses.
Please Note: No credit towards a degree will be given to a prerequisite course taken after completing an advanced course with that course as prerequisite.
Financial aid in terms of teaching and research assistantships are available mainly to PhD students, and all admitted PhD students are considered for such awards. The number of such awards is very limited, and therefore, the competition is very high for financial aid. Teaching assistantships are awarded by an evaluation committee to incoming students and is based on academic performance and faculty recommendations. Usually, teaching assistantships are awarded along with research assistantships. Research Assistantships are awarded by faculty members who have research projects. Please note that only a few exceptional and outstanding MS students may receive research and/or teaching assistantships.
We want to make sure you are making good progress towards completing your education at USC.

Sincerely, Chairman

Graduate Students: