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Center for Neural Engineering

A key objective of neural engineering is to incorporate fundamental structural and functional principles of the nervous system, emerging rapidly in the field of neuroscience, into the design of a new generation of adaptive neural-based computers, signal processors, and robotic devices. A complementary objective is to apply the advanced modeling methods, electronic/photonic technologies, and computing and information systems tools being developed within the field of engineering to study the dynamics and organizational complexity of neurobiological systems.
The University of Southern California
Research of CNE faculty addresses several key facets of neural and engineering sciences, including quantitative analysis of fundamental properties of the brain, the development of novel electronic and photonic devices and techniques for experimental probing of brain tissue, the simulation and mathematical analysis of neural networks, and the development of nervous system-inspired engineering devices and systems. Important practical applications for neural engineering principles include advanced computers and computer interfaces, adaptive communications systems, adaptive speech processors, artificial vision sensors, smart cameras, and neural prostheses.