The Optical Communications Laboratory is led by Professor Alan E. Willner, a recognized leader in the field of optical fiber communications. Biographical sketch and Full resume

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OC Lab attracts students and visiting researchers from all over the world. We currently have members from the United States, China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Israel.

Bishara Shamee
bishara.shamee (at)
USA  Optical OFDM
Optical fiber communications
Coherent optical communications
Yinwen Cao
Yinwenca (at)
China  Optical Communications
Optical Signal Processing
Zhe Zhao
Zhezhao (at)
China  OAM technology
Long Li
longl (at)
China  OAM technology
Peicheng Liao
peicheng (at)
China  Optical Communications
Photonic Integrated Circuits
Optical Frequency Comb
Cong Liu
liucong (at)
China  OAM technology
Ahmad Fallahpour
fallahpo (at)
Iran all optical signal processing
Runzhou Zhang
runzhou (at)
China OAM technology
Kai Pang
kaipang (at)
China OAM technology
Haoqian Song
haoqians (at)
China OAM technology
Hao Song
songhao (at)
China OAM technology
Photonic Integrated Circuits
Kaiheng Zou
kaihengz (at)
China Optical Communications
Photonic Integrated Circuits
Optical Frequency Comb
Karapet Manukyan
kmanukya (at)
Armenia Optical Communications
Optical Signal Processing
Huibin Zhou
huibinzh (at)
China Optical Communications
Optical Signal Processing
Dr. Jing Du
dujing (at)
China  Postdoc
(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
OAM Technology
Dr. Changjian Ke
cjke (at)
China  Visiting Scholar
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Dr. Junli Wang
junwangciom (at)
China  Visiting Scholar
Xidian University
Dr.  Guiling Wu
gw_777 (at)
China  Visiting Scholar
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Dr. Jian Wang
wang41 (at)
China  Postdoc

(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
Optical signal processing

Dr. Xiaoying Liu
xl_003 (at)
China  Associate Professor (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
Optical fiber communication systems and devices
Prof. Moshe Tur
tur (at)
Israel  Visiting Scholar
Fiber-optic sensors
Wave progagation through random media
Fiber lasers and devices
Dr. Antonella Bogoni
antonella.bogoni (at)
Italy  Visiting Scholar
Optical sampling
Ultra-fast OTDM systems (beyond 160 Gbit/s)
All-optical packet switching networks
Dr. Muping Song
songmp (at)
China  Optical fiber communications
RF communications
Dr. Wei-Ren Peng
pwr.eo92g (at)
Taiwan  Optical OFDM
Optical modulation formats
Dr. Yannick Lize
Canada  Nanophotonics
Fiber devices
Nonlinear Optics
Modulation formats
Optical system monitoring
Dr. Moo Jung Chu
mjc (at)
South Korea  Optical fiber communications
Amirhossein Mohajerin Ariaei
mohajera (at)
Iran  Signal Processing
Ahmed Almaiman
almaiman (at)
Saudi Arabia  Optical Communications
Optical Signal Processing
Guodong Xie
guodongx (at)
China  Optical Communications
Changjing Bao
changjib (at)
China  Integrated Device and System Application
Morteza ziyadi
ziyadi (at)
Iran  Optical signal processing
Yongxiong Ren
yongxior (at)
China  Optical signal processing
Nisar Ahmed
nisarahm (at)
Pakistan  Optical fiber and free space communications
Yan Yan
yanyan (at)
China  Optical signal processing
Mohammad Reza Chitgarha
chitgarh (at)
Iran  Optical signal processing
Advanced modulation formats
Optical performance monitoring
Optical CDMA and OFDM
Asher Voskoboinik
voskoboi (at)
Israel  Optical sensors
Salman Khaleghi
khaleghi (at)
Iran  Optical signal processing
Advanced modulation formats
Optical CDMA and OFDM
Hao Huang
haoh (at)
China  Optical fiber communications
37 -Yang Yue
yyue (at)
China  Integrated device and system application
Photonic crystal fiber
36 -Omer Faruk Yilmaz
oyilmaz (at)
Turkey  Optical signal processing
Optical fiber communications
35 - Xiaoxia Wu
China   ""
34 - Jeng-Yuan Yang
Taiwan  "Optical Performance Monitoring and Signal Processing for Robust and Reconfigurable Optical Networks"
33- Irfan Fazal

Pakistan  Optical signal processing
Optical modulation formats
32 - Scott Nuccio
USA  "Applications of All Optical Signal Processing for Advanced Optical Modulation Formats"
31 - Lin Zhang
China  "Silicon Integrated Devices for Optical System Applications"
30 - Bo Zhang

China  "Nonlinear Optical Signal Processing For High-Speed, Spectrally Efficient Fiber Optic Systems and Networks"
29 - Louis C. Christen
USA  "Detection and Optical Signal Processing using Phase Based Optical Modulation Formats"
28 - Poorya Saghari
Iran  "Techniques for Increasing Number of Users in Dynamically Reconfigurable Optical Code Division Multiple Access Systems and Networks"
27 - Saurabh Kumar
India  10/2006, "Optical Signal Processing for High-Speed, Reconfigurable Fiber-Optic Network"
26 - Ting Luo
China  02/2006, "Management of Dispersion, Nonlinearity and Polarization-dependent Effects in High-Speed Reconfigurable WDM Fiber- Optic Communication Systems"
25 - Yan Wang
China  12/2005, "Monitoring and Utilization of Dispersive and Nonlinear Effects in High-Speed Reconfigurable WDM Optical Fiber Networks"
24 - Changyuan Yu
China  08/2005, "Dispersive and Nonlinear Effects in High-Speed Reconfigurable WDM Optical Fiber Communication Systems"
23 - John E. McGeehan

USA  05/2005, "Novel Techniques in All-Optical Networks"
22 -Paniz Ebrahimi

Iran  12/2004, "Novel techniques in Raman Amplification"

21 - Lianshan Yan
CIPC Lab at Southwest Jiaotong University, China

China  12/2004, "Mitigation of degradations in Hi speed optical comm"
20-Reza Motaghian

Iran  04/2004, "Chromatic and Polarization Mode Dispersion Monitoring for Equalization in Optical Fiber Communication Systems"
19-Yong-Won Song
Korea  10/2003, "Mitigation of Signal Degradations in Reconfigurable Wavelength-Division- Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Communication Systems"
18-Deniz Gurkan
Turkey   05/2003, "Experimental Demonstrations of Optical Techniques To Implement Networking Functions In Dynamically Reconfigurable Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Communication Networks".
17-Asaf Sahin
Turkey  04/2003, "Experimental Demonstration of Techniques to Improve System Performance in Non-Static Microwave Frequency Analog and Digital Signal Transmission over Fiber-Optic Communication Systems"
16-Zhongqi Pan
China  11/2002, "Overcoming Fiber Dispersive Effects in High-Speed Reconfigurable Multi- Wavelength Optical Systems and Networks"
Full list of grads

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