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Key Elements & Prospective Topics

 EE Student's ‘Practical Guide’ Seminar Series
Prof. Alan Willner, Organizer
I. Key Elements 
  • Begin Fall 2007
  • Open to all EE graduate and undergraduate students
  • Selected Friday during academic year, 11:30 am - 1 pm
  • Located generally in EEB 248 or SSL 150 (next to Seaver Science Library). 
  • Free pizza graciously provided by the EE Department
  • Typically led by 2 EE faculty members
  • Faculty will combine formal slides, informal discussion, and/or Q&A
  • Faculty will have discretion on topics and approaches

II. Prospective Topics (initial themes in no particular order)
  • Every Student Should be a Mentor
  • Thinking "Interdisciplinary"
  • How to Pursue an Academic Career
  • Finding an Advisor: Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • Wrong Ways to Perform a Literature Search
  • Things a Ph.D. Enables in Your Career
  • Challenges of an Experimentalist / Theoretician
  • Importance and Basics of Patents
  • Preparing and Giving a Technical Presentation
  • Switching Fields can be a Positive
  • Navigating Conferences and Exhibit Halls
  • Reading a Journal Article with a Discerning Eye
  • The Start-up Company Experience
  • Best Practices for a Job Search
  • The Resume Should Distinguish Your Value
  • Publications: Dealing with Co-authors & Reviews
  • Insights for a Successful Career in Research
  • Elements of Successful Proposals
  • Defining Milestones and Quantitative Metrics
  • When to Persevere and When to Quit a Project
  • Picking a Research Topic
  • Breaking Cultural Barriers
  • When Things Get "Sticky" with your Advisor
  • Perspective on Screening, Quals, Defense
  • Future in a Big Company vs. a Small Company
  • Budgets are Important in Research Groups