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USC Hosts 2010 School of Information Theory

December 02, 2010 —

IEEE Information Theory Society 2010 School of Information Theory participants at USC
USC and the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering served as hosts and organizers of the 2010 School of Information Theory, an annual educational event initiated in 2008 by the IEEE Information Theory Society. This year the School took place at USC in 2010 with about 200 students and presenters in attendance.

The school provides a venue where doctoral and post-doctoral students from across North America can meet to discuss research, form friendships and collaborations, and learn how to participate actively and socially in scientific research. The students present themselves and their research in a friendly environment, interact with well-known senior scientists, and exchange ideas. The core topic is information theory, and related interdisciplinary topics in mathematics, physics, biology, networking, and are also included
The School format has courses given by distinguished scientists, followed by poster presentations by the students. The six lecturers this year were Jack Wolf (UCSD), Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford), Emmanuel Candès (Stanford), Alon Orlitsky (UCSD), Sergio Verdú (Princeton), and Rüdiger Urbanke (EPFL, Switzerland). Jack Wolf’s lecture was the 2010 IEEE Information Theory Society Padovani Lecture. It honors Roberto Padovani (Executive VP and CTO of Qualcomm), who was present to introduce Jack Wolf, and also was Padovani’s Ph.D. advisor.
Many people helped to make the 2010 School a success. Gerhard Kramer of USC EE and Aylin Yener of Penn State organized the School. Michelle Effros and Tracey Ho of Caltech assembled the poster program, USC EE faculty Alex Dimakis and Mike Neely organized T-shirts and lecture halls, Sriram Vishwanath of UT Austin served as Treasurer, and Matthieu Bloch of Georgia Tech managed the web site. USC Communication Sciences Institute staff members Anita Fung and Gerrielyn Ramos arranged the food, registration, housing, and posters.

The 2010 School was made possible by financial support from several institutions. In particular, the IEEE Information Theory Society, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the USC Ming Hsieh Institute provided substantial support. In fact, the support from the USC Ming Hsieh Institute was special: the very first grant of this newly established institute! The School also received funding from USC Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University - Master of Science in Information Technology Program, Rice University - Center for Multimedia Communication, Texas A&M University - ECE Department, Penn State - Networking and Security Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin - Wireless Networking and Communications Group, the University of Notre Dame, Princeton University, and Dr. Roberto Padovani.

For more information, see the 2010 School website http://www.itsoc.org/school that has photographs, the student posters, the lecture slides, video recordings, and more!