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TrialX wins Semantic Web Challenge 2009

December 23, 2009 —

Karthik Gomadam displays the prize check received at
the International Semantic Web Challenge 2009.
Karthik Gomadam of USC was part of a team including Chintan Patel and Sharib Khan that submitted the winning application (http://trialx.com) at the International Semantic Web Challenge 2009. The challenge is held annually as part of the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), a premier conference in the area of semantic Web technologies. Built on top of existing semantic models in the healthcare space, TrialX is a novel application to enable patients to find and learn about clinical trials that match their health conditions and connect with the trial investigators effortlessly using a unique web messaging platform. TrialX also allows patients to search for trials using their personal health records and is integrated with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault. The unique aspects of TrialX that were well appreciated by researchers, including Sir Tim Berners Lee, were the scalable approach to using semantic Web technologies leveraging cloud computing, the openness of the underlying platform, the free access to processed data from TrialX, and the social impact of the application. TrialX also has developed a platform for healthcare organizations to use the system for their clinical trial recruitment (http://clevelandcliniccru.trialx.com).

Karthik played an active role in the development and maturing of the application and also designed and developed the TrialX iPhone application. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher working under the guidance of Professor Viktor Prasanna, and he is applying semantic Web techniques to the domain of smart oil fields. The prize carried an award of 1000 Euros, sponsored by Elsevier Science.