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Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Grant to Study Human-like Speech Processing

May 12, 2005 —
Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Grant Received by USC Viterbi Electrical Engineering Researchers

The National Institutes of Health NIDCD has awarded Shri Narayanan (PI) (EE, Ling, CS), Dani Byrd (Co-lead Investigator) (Ling), Krishna Nayak (EE), Sungbok Lee (Ling & EE), and Richard Leahy (EE) an award of $1,767,992 (May 2005-April 2009) for their research project entitled Dynamics of Vocal Tract Shaping. This is a brand new grant taking advantage of the real-time MRI techniques to advance research in speech production.


The Office of Naval Research has awarded its 5-year 5 million dollar Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) grant to a collaboration among USC (Shri Narayanan [EE] & Dani Byrd [LAS]), Stanford (D. Jurafsky, C. Manning), and University of Washington (J. Bilmes, K. Kirchoff) for a project entitled Human-like Speech Processing, in response to its call for radically new approaches to speech-to-text conversion. This was the only award made for this announced MURI topic. The project will last May 2005-April 2010.