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Giuseppe Caire Wins IEEE Joint Paper Award in Communications and Information Theory

July 05, 2011 —

Giuseppe Caire, professor in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, and co-authors Nihar Jindal, Mari Kobayashi and Niranjay Ravindran are the recipients of the 2011 IEEE Communications and Information Theory Societies' Joint Paper Award. The paper is entitled "Multiuser Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) Achievable Rates With Downlink Training and Channel State Feedback," published in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, in June 2010. MIMO techniques refer to the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver of a wireless communications channel in order to improve data rates and link range without additional bandwidth or transmit power.

The award will be presented at at the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, in St. Petersburg (Russia), July 30 - August 6, 2011.

This is the second time that Giuseppe along with one of his co-authors Nihar Jindal has won this particular award. He has been at USC since 2005. His research is in communication theory, information theory and coding theory with a focus on wireless applications.

He has received other awards, including the Jack Neubauer Best System Paper Award from the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society in 2003. He served as Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Communications in 1998-2001 and as Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory in 2001-2003. He was elected to the Board of Governors of the IEEE Information Theory Society in 2004, and was elected IEEE Fellow in 2005. He currently serves as president of the IEEE Information Theory Society for 2011.

Alexander (Sandy) Sawchuk, Chair of the Ming Hsieh EE-Systems Department, commented: "our faculty join me in congratulating Giuseppe for this IEEE Joint Paper award, which is an important recognition of his technical achievements in information and communication theory."