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Giuseppe Caire Receives a 2006 Okawa Foundation Research Grant

September 13, 2006 —

Giuseppe Caire, Professor of Electrical Engineering, is a recipient of a 2006 Research Grant from the Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications (http://www.okawa-foundation.or.jp/e/index.html). The Okawa Foundation was established in Japan in 1986 to provide funding for and give recognition to new studies in the information and telecommunications fields.

Professor Caire joined the USC faculty in 2005. He has pioneered many notable theoretical advances in information theory, along with very significant practical applications in data and telecommunications. He is the recipient of many "Best Paper" and other and professional and technical awards for his research. The Okawa Foundation Grant recognizes and supports his research on the topic "Understanding and Implementation of Shannon-Theoretic Multiuser Wireless Systems."

The Okawa Research Grant will be formally presented at a ceremony in San Francisco on Thursday, October 5, 2006.