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First Annual Electrical Engineering Retreat

July 13, 2011 —

On Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27 The Ming Hsieh Institute hosted the First Annual Electrical Engineering Retreat at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. All faculty, PhD students, post-doctoral scholars, and research associates in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering were invited with their families to attend the Annual Retreat.

There were a total of 158 guests in attendance including 60 Ph.D. students and 36 faculty members, 8 of which have been with USC for 35+ years. Event organizer and MHI co-director Hossein Hashemi lead all the panel sessions and was the moderator for the weekend. The entire itinerary at the event included:
· Structured Brainstorming Session on “Current and Future Roles of Electrical En gineering in Human Health and Wellbeing” moderated by Prof. Leahy. Organizing Faculty: Profs. Molisch, Narayanan, Povinelli
· Structured Brainstorming Session on “Comput ing Beyond Moore’s Law” moderated by Prof. Gupta. Organizing Faculty: Profs. Annavaram, Hashemi, Levi, Pinkston, Zhou
· Structured Brainstorming Session on “Creating an Intelligent Networked World” moderated by Prof. Caire. Organizing Faculty: Profs. Brun, Dimakis, Jain, Krishnamachari, Mitra, Psounis, Scholtz, Willner
· Social networking & family time
· Banquet Dinner featuring the Keynote Talk by Dr. Robert Lucky, The Joys and Disappoint ments of Engineering
· Musical ensemble by USC faculty and Ph.D. students
· Status report by the EE department chairs - Eun Sok Kim and Alexander A. Sawchuk
· Illustrious Past 5 Decades Roundtable discussion on “Past 4 Decades of Electrical Engineering at USC” by Profs. Breuer, Cheng, Golomb, Hellwarth, Lindsey, Mendel, Sawchuk, Scholtz, Steier
· Roundtable discussion on “Crystal Ball: USC Electrical Engineering Beyond 2020” by Profs. Brun, Krishnamachari, Narayanan, Ortega, Psounis, Zhou

Please watch the short video clip to see the highlights from the First Annual Electrical Engineering Retreat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQNlS9Gw_uA