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Dr. Greg Johnson

Imaging and Computational Imaging with Wavefront Coding
Dr. Greg Johnson - CDM Optics Inc.

Wavefront Coding combines non-traditional optics with modern electronics and signal processing algorithms to provide imaging capabilities prior optical systems could not achieve. This approach provides a unique opportunity to optimally design computational imaging systems for visual applications and task-based applications. Goals and limitations for visual systems are vastly different than the issues faced in machine or robotic vision, and such differences can be exploited through the computational nature of Wavefront


Greg Johnson received his Master's degree in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI in 1996 an his PhD degree in signal processing and optics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. He is currently the Director of Research and Development for CDM Optics, Inc., of Boulder, Colorado, which designs and manufactures Wavefront Coded(r) imaging systems. Current research interests include nonlinear image processing, Wavefront Coding system design and optimization, and projection systems.


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