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Melvin A. Breuer

Melvin A. Breuer, Ph.D. - Professor
Research Interests:

My research interests cover the areas of computer-aided-design (CAD) of digital systems, built-in self-test (BIST), design-for-testability (DFT), automatic test pattern generation (ATPG), and VLSI systems. In the area of CAD, my focus is on the physical aspects of a design, such as partitioning, placement and routing. Recently, my focus in the area of test and design verification has been on circuit related issues, such as noise. My group has looked into such problems as ground bounce (SSN) due to on-chip and off-chip inductance, and crosstalk due to coupling capacitance. We are also interested in how process variation effects circuit performance. Finally, we are undertaking to understand the impact of on-chip inductance on circuit performance. Our research group seeks excellent students who have a MSEE degree and a strong background in VLSI circuits and analysis, and an interests in CAD and/or test issues.

Biographical Information:

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 1965, UC, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

Short Biography
Melvin A. Breuer received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, is currently a Professor of both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, and is the Charles Lee Powell Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He was Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering-Systems from 1991-1994, and is currently Chair once again. He was Chair of the Faculty of the School of Engineering, USC, for the 1997-98 academic year. His main interests are in the area of computer-aided design of digital systems, design-for-test and built-in self-test, and VLSI circuits. Dr. Breuer is the editor and co-author of Design Automation of Digital Systems: Theory and Techniques, Prentice-Hall editor of Digital Systems Design Automation: Languages, Simulation and Data Base, Computer Science Press co-author of Diagnosis and Reliable Design of Digital Systems, Computer Science Press co-editor of Computer Hardware Description Languages and their Applications, North-Holland co-editor and contributor to Knowledge Based Systems for Test and Diagnosis, North-Holland and co-author of Digital System Testing and Testable Design, Computer Science Press 1990 and reprinted in 1995 by the IEEE Press. He has published over 200 technical papers and was formerly the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Design Automation and Fault Tolerant Computing, on the editorial board of the Journal of Electronic Testing, the co-editor of the Journal of Digital Systems, and the Program Chairman of the Fifth International IFIP Conference on Computer Hardware Description Languages and Their Applications. He was co-author of a paper that received an honorable mention award at the 1997 International Test Conference, and the co-author of the best paper at the 2000 Asian Test Symposium. He is a Fellow of the IEEE was a Fullbright-Hays scholar (1972) received the 1991 Associates Award for Creativity in Research and Scholarship from the University of Southern California, the 1991 USC School of Engineering Award for Exceptional Service, the IEEE Computer Society's 1993 Taylor L. Booth Education Award, and the first (2000) Engineering Faculty Council Award for Outstanding Meritorious Service to the USC School of Engineering. He was the keynote speaker at the Fourth Multimedia Technology and Applications Symposium, 1999, and the Ninth Asian Test Symposium, 2000.

Research Areas: