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PhDCENG - Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering

The requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Computer Engineering are in strict conformity with the requirements of the Graduate School. Program requirements for the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering are the same as those for the PhD. in Electrical Engineering except that the major field is computer engineering.

Screening and qualifying examinations are administered by the Computer Engineering faculty. Students should contact the Electrical Engineering-Systems Department Office for further information. 

If you were admitted in the Fall 2008 semester and beyond please follow the requirements listed below:

Course Requirements
The following course work must be completed: these courses can be included in the 60-unit course work requirement:

Take two courses from theory area and four courses from the other three areas (hardware, software and systems), including at least one course from each area to total six courses.

Theory Area Courses:
CSCI 570    Analysis of Algorithms   
EE 465        Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling -or-
EE 549        Queuing Theory for Performance Modeling
EE 562a      Random Processes in Engineering
EE 565a      Information Theory
MATH 410   Fundamental Concepts of Modern Algebra -or-   
MATH 425a Fundamental Concepts of Analysis
MATH 432   Applied Combinatorics -or-
MATH 533   Combinatorical Analysis and Algebra

Hardware Area Courses:
EE 536a      Mixed Signall Integrated Circuit Design
EE 552        Asynchronous VLSI Design
EE 557        Computer Systems Architecture

Software Area Courses:
CSCI 565    Compiler Design -or-
CSCI 595    Advanced Compiler Design
CSCI 577a  Software Engineering
CSCI 585    Database Systems

Systems Area Courses:
CSCI 551    Computer Communication
CSCI 555    Advanced Operating Systems
CSCI 561    Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
EE 543a      Digital Control Systems
EE 554        Real Time Computer Systems
EE 550        Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks -or-
EE 555        Broadband Network Architectures
EE 569        Introduction to Digital Image Processing

If you were admitted in the Fall 2007 semester or before please follow the requirements listed below:
In addition to the requirements for the PhD degree in EE, the courses taken by the student must contain one course (or equivalent) from each of the following groups:

Group I

  • CSCI 570 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSCI 572 Advanced Theory of Computation
  • EE 549 Queuing Theory for Performance Modeling

Group II

  • EE 657 Parallel Processing
  • CSCI 585 Database Systems
  • CSCI 565 Compiler Design
  • CSCI 577 Software Engineering
 Group III
  • CSCI 561a Artificial Intelligence
  • EE 552 Logic Design and Switching Theory
  • EE 577a VLSI System Design
  • EE 658 Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems
Courses taken to satisfy the above course work requirement cannot count toward the minor requirement. Although course material for the MSCENG is not compulsory for PhD students, it should be reviewed as it forms the basis of the PhD Screening Examination.
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