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EEE Electrical Engineering Engineer Degree

The Engineer degree is awarded under the jurisdiction of the Viterbi School of Engineering.  This degree is granted upon completion of a comprehensive curriculum beyond the general couse requirements for the Master of Science and after successfully passing an engineer's qualifying examination.  The required curriculum is intended to give students broad preparation in two areas of engineering, together with a minimum number of units in these areas to prepare them for the interdisciplinary nature of the many complex problems they will encounter in practice today.  The degree is intended also to fulfill a growing need by industry for students with comprehensive advanced engineering training, but not necessarily with the research orientation developed by the Ph.D. student.

The EEE degree is a terminal degree.  Students who complete the Engineer degree will not be considered for admission to the Ph.D program.

  • Master of Science degree or completion of 27 units of acceptable course work.
  • Application for admission to the Viterbi School of Engineering and acceptance to the program by the appropriate department.
Degree Requirements
  • 30 units of graduate course work beyond the Master of Science degree; a maximum of 6 units at the 400 level may be counted at the discretion of the student's guidance committee.
  • 2 fields of study in Electrical Engineering.
    • 12 units in one field, 9 in another, 9 units are elective and may be taken outside the Viterbi School of Engineering, but must be acceptable for graduate credit, which will be governed by the student's guidance committee.
  • A candidate for the Engineer degree may substitute a project credited toward the degree, the student must register in 690 Directed Research during the course of the project; total of 6 units in 690.  A student wishing to work on  a project must make arrangements with a member of the faculty to supervise and evaluate work, and obtain the approval of the committee chair prior to completing more than 15 units of course work. 
Residence Requirement

A candidate must complete the last four units of course work at USC. At least 26 units must be taken in residency at USC.A maximum of four transfer units not counted toward a previous degree may be allowed with advisor approval.

Guidance Committee

After being granted graduate standing the student must form a guidance committee.  The committee is made up of three full-time faculty members who are specialists in the student's areas of concentration, with at least two from the major department.  Forms for appointment of the committee are available from the student's academic department.  The student is responsible for finding a faculty member from one area of concentration who will act as the chair of the guidance committee.  The chair will assist in selection of the other members.  Advisement of the student after formation of the committee will be by the committee chair.

Qualifying Examination

The student must satisfactorily complete an engineer's qualifying examination administered by his or her guidance committee.  This examination will cover both areas of concentration and will consit of at least one written and one oral examination.  This examination is normally taken during the last semester of course work toward the degree.  Student who choose to take the examination in the semester following the completion of course requirements may do so up until the end of the third week of classes without registering.  After that date they must register for GRSC 800 to maintain continuous enrollment in the program.  Result of the examination are reported to the Graduate Study Office and forwarded to the Office of Academic Records and Registrar.

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