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Sample Programs - Networks


What is a sample program of study? What it is not, is a complete set of 27 prescribed units. It is a collection of possible courses that can be associated with a focused subject area within EE. Some of these areas are "hot," e.g., mobile communications and VLSI, but what is hot today may be warm or even cold tomorrow.

Computer Networks
EE 450, EE 503, CS 402 , EE 549, EE 550, EE 555, CS 530, CS 551, CS 558, EE 650 (500-level prereqs: EE 550 or EE 555 or CS 551)

Wireless and Mobile Networks
EE 450, EE 503, CS 402 , EE 535 (500-level prereq: EE 562), EE 532, EE 579 (500-level prereqs: EE555 or EE 550 or CS 551), EE 652