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Current Students - Undergraduate Degree Programs

The department offers several bachelor degree options.

BSEE and BSEE(C) Degrees

The department offers two bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering, namely the BSEE ( Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) and the BSEE(C) (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with Emphasis on Computers).
Electrical Engineering is a diverse discipline encompassing communication, control, signal processing, computer engineering, electronic devices and circuits, and electromagnetics and energy conversion. It is a part of every industry, from environmental and manufacturing to semiconductor and telecommunications technologies. The Electrical Engineering curriculum provides a broad background in physics, materials and mathematics, balancing fundamental core courses with the newest developments in engineering technology.
The Handbook - pdf provides detailed information on undergraduate degree requirements and courses of instruction.


The bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Computer Science is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in which students get the best of both worlds: learn how to build a computer, then learn to write the software to run it! One half of the curriculum is computer engineering hardware and the other half is computer science software coursework. It is a relatively new degree, formulated for students seeking immediate marketability in the job rich computer industry. For specific courses and admission requirements see Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) Handbook.

132 total units required:

  • 32 units General Education and English Composition
  • 12 units Science and Physics
  • 24 units Math
  • 22 units Electrical Engineering
  • 21 units Computer Science
  • 4 units Design Course
  • 3 units Engineering Economics
  • 14 units Technical Electives

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
    (Integrated Media Systems)
    The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with the special designation “Area of Emphasis in Integrated Media Systems” is earned by successfully completing the normal requirements for the BSEE degree with the following restrictions: (1) students must take the following entry-level electives in the topical areas of Communication, Control and Signal Processing: EE 241 (3 units); Computer Engineering: EE 102L (2 units), EE 357 (3 units); and Electronic Devices and Circuits: EE 338 (3 units), EE 348L (4 units). (2) The following courses in the Area of Specialization of Signal Processing, Communications and
    Control Systems must be taken:

    CSCI 351 Programming and Multimedia on the World Wide Web (3 units)
    CSCI 480 Computer Graphics (3 units)
    EE 434L Digital Signal Processing Design Lab (4 units/CD)
    EE 450 Introduction to Computer Networks (3 units)
    EE 469 Introduction to Digital Media Engineering (3 units)
    EE 483 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (3 units)

    (3) The students must also take at least two Design courses from the departmentally approved list.