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D-Clearance & Registration

Departmental (D) Clearance and Special Request Form Instructions
If your class number ends in "R" (ex: 014-30404R), you can register through USC Web Registration.   If your class number ends in "D" (ex: 907-30444D) or you need a prerequisite waiver, then you will need to obtain d-clearance using the D-Clearance & Prerequisite Waiver Online System.The d-clearance process ensures that students have completed the required pre-requisites or passed placement examinations. After obtaining d-clearance, register through USC Web Registration.

In some instances, a Special Request form must be approved and submitted with a d-clearance request.  Please read Special Request instructions below and contact the appropriate faculty. 

For Directed Research, please complete the directed research application amd see additional instructions below.


Counting Non-EE Courses toward the MSEE 
Please be advised that all non-EE course work must be approved IN ADVANCE of taking in order for the course to be counted towards the MS degree. Please take a copy of your current STARS or OASIS Report and a Special Request Form (SRF) to the EE Student Services Office.

The only time you will not need preapproval for non-EE courses is if they are included as part of your degree option (see Degree Checklists) you will need special permission to count non-EE courses toward the MSEE, CN, VL, MC degrees.




Criteria for taking couses outside of the EE Department

1. GPA Requirement: 3.5 GPA or above
2. Unit Requirement: 9 units or above
3. Only one such Course is applicable to the degree
4. Must be approved prior to registering by Faculty or Graduate Advisor

Business & Engineering Management Courses pre-approved by EE faculty as of 4/01/2008:
LAW 599x – Intellectual Property Law for Inventors (not yet a regular course)
o Patents, copyrights, trade-secrets, open-source…
BAEP 551 - Introduction to New Ventures
o Study and development of analytical and conceptual skills in the management of new
enterprises and new ventures within large organizations. (Duplicates credit in former BAEP
550x and GSBA 586.)
BAEP 556 - Technology Feasibility for High Tech Ventures
o Gives students the critical thinking and analytical skills they need to evaluate, value and
manage technology as intellectual property. Students will learn the technology
commercialization process, use data mining and assessment techniques for patent databases,
and study the unique business issues facing high technology start-ups.
BAEP 557 -Technology Commercialization
o Focus of the course is on the identification, evaluation and commercialization of new
technologies. Emphasis will be placed on the legal, financial and marketing aspects of
technology transfer and development.
MOR 561 - Strategies in High Technology Businesses
o How high-tech companies achieve competitive advantage through leveraging technical,
management and financial resources. Technology trends and industry evolution. Focus on
electronics and bio-technology. Cases and speakers.
ISE 544 Management of Engineering Teams (3, FaSp)
o Design and management of engineering teams. Group decision-making, motivation,
leadership, infrastructural requirements, performance measurement, team diversity, conflict,
and integration.
ISE 585 Strategic Management of Technology (3, FaSp)
o Management skills and tools for technology intensive enterprises. Life cycle analysis of
technology from planning through exploitation, obsolescence and renewal
ISE 515 Engineering Project Management (3, FaSpSm)
o Applying industrial and systems engineering skills to problems drawn from industry, while
working in teams of 3-4 students. Teach project management skills and provide direct
experience in managing and executing a group project
GSBA 556 - Business Development in the Networked Digital Industry
o Business development and business models for products/services delivered through
networked digital platforms (NDI), including creative industries. Convergence of telecom, IT,
software, entertainment, content, and media.
ISE 565 Administration, Law and Finance for Engineering Innovation
o The course is intended to provide students in engineering, the sciences and related fields with
an examination of the primary legal, financial and accounting issues involved in the conduct
of most business organizations, with a primary focus on companies engaged in manufacturing
or engineering service operations.
ISE 566 Financial Accounting Analysis for Engineering
o The course is intended to provide students in engineering and related disciplines with the
information and skills necessary to engage in financial decision making at both an operational
level and a business enterprise level. Topics which will be covered include concepts from cost
accounting, managerial accounting, law and finance
ISE 517 Modern Enterprise Systems
o This course is designed to enhance student understanding of modern enterprises and,
secondarily, to strengthen skills necessary to succeed in meeting expectations of enterprise
management and leadership. The instructor will draw upon collective academic and industry
experiences to offer both empirical and experiential lessons in a classroom environment that
emphasizes mentoring and coaching rather than “sage on the stage” lectures.

Advising Guidelines and Preapproved Courses

Special Request Form and Instructions

Placement Exams

Prerequisite courses that have Placement Exams will NOT be waived.

On-campus-Students may submit the forms to EEB 102 during business hours.

Distance Education Network (DEN) students-Students may fax or email the forms to (213) 740-4449 or dclearance@ee.usc.edu .  

Directed Research


EE 490, EE 590, EE 690 and EE 790

Complete the online Directed Research form by visiting the Directed Research Online Application. If the professor you have selected approves your units for Directed Research, then you will recieve a confirmation email that you may forward to dclearance@ee.usc.edu.

 ***Special Request Form***

Students will submit a Special Request form for the following reasons:

  1. To count a non-EE class toward the degree. Requires signature from the EE Faculty Advisor.
  2. Waive a prerequisite or allow as a corequisite for a course without a Placement Exam. (Requires signature from appropriate faculty)
  3. Substitute a different EE course for a required course (only for CN, MC, VL, Ceng). Requires signature from faculty in area of program of study (use Faculty Directory)
  4. Transfer courses (4 units from another university) and attach a transfer credit statement. Requires signature from the EE Faculty Advisor.